Experience timeless beauty in Berat, Albania

Berat, a city in Albania, is a hidden gem that offers a rich historical and cultural experience. It is known as the "city of a thousand windows" due to its distinctive Ottoman architecture, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This picturesque city is situated on the Osum River and is surrounded by mountains, offering stunning natural beauty. When you visit Berat, you can expect to see well-preserved medieval structures, including the Berat Castle, which dates back to the 13th century. Inside the castle walls, you'll find a community still living and working in buildings that are centuries old. There are numerous Byzantine churches and Ottoman mosques to explore, all filled with unique frescoes and wood carvings. In addition to

Places to see

1. Berat Castle: This majestic 13th-century castle, also known as the Fortress of Berat, is one of the city's must-visit attractions. With its high walls, intricate architecture, and panoramic views of the Osum River, it offers a thrilling journey into the past. 2. Onufri Museum: Located within the Berat Castle, this museum showcases the works of Onufri, a renowned 16th-century icon painter. The museum's collection, housed in a beautiful old church, is a treasure trove of religious art and history. 3. Mangalem Quarter: This UNESCO World Heritage site is a charming and well-preserved historical neighborhood. Its white Ottoman-era houses, stacked up the hillside, are

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Shopping possibilities

Berat, Albania, offers a unique shopping experience that combines traditional markets with modern stores. The city is known for its rich cultural heritage and this is reflected in the variety of goods available. One of the highlights of shopping in Berat is the opportunity to buy traditional Albanian crafts. This includes handmade carpets, embroidered clothing, and intricately designed silver jewelry. The local artisans are renowned for their skill and creativity, making these items a unique and valuable souvenir. The city also has several antique shops where you can find pieces of furniture, paintings, and other items with a rich history. These shops are often located in the charming old town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Berat also offers plenty of modern shopping options. There are several shopping

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Discover the history, culture and natural splendour of Albania.

Albania is a beautiful country located in the Balkan Peninsula, known for its stunning natural landscapes, rich history, and warm hospitality. With a coastline that stretches along the Adriatic and Ionian Seas, visitors can expect to find pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and charming seaside towns. The country is also home to rugged mountain ranges, deep canyons, and lush forests, making it a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Albania's cities are a mix of ancient and modern architecture, with vibrant markets, traditional restaurants, and bustling nightlife. The capital city, Tirana, is a cultural hub, with museums, galleries, and theaters showcasing the country's art and history. Albanians are known for their welcoming nature, and visitors