Capilla del Monte

Experience the magic of Capilla del Monte in the heart of Córdoba, Argentina!

Capilla del Monte is a charming town nestled in the hills of the Sierras Chicas mountain range in the province of Córdoba, Argentina. Known for its mystical and spiritual atmosphere, this town is a popular destination for those seeking relaxation, healing, and connection with nature. Visitors to Capilla del Monte can expect to find a peaceful and tranquil environment, surrounded by stunning natural beauty. The town is home to a number of holistic retreat centers, spas, and healing centers, where visitors can participate in yoga classes, meditation sessions, and other wellness activities. In addition to its spiritual offerings, Capilla del Monte also boasts a variety of outdoor activities for nature lovers. Hiking, horseback riding, and birdwatching are popular past

Places to see

Capilla del Monte, located in the province of Córdoba in Argentina, is a charming town known for its natural beauty and mystical atmosphere. Visitors can explore the stunning landscapes of the nearby mountains, such as Cerro Uritorco, which offers breathtaking views and opportunities for hiking and outdoor activities. The town itself is filled with quaint shops, cafes, and restaurants where visitors can sample delicious local cuisine and shop for unique handmade crafts. The streets are lined with colorful buildings and blooming flowers, creating a picturesque setting for leisurely strolls. One of the highlights of Capilla del Monte is the UFO sighting spot known as "La Pampa de las Salinas," where visitors can gaze up at the night sky and potentially catch a glimpse

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Shopping possibilities

Capilla del Monte in Córdoba, Argentina offers a vibrant shopping scene with a variety of options for visitors. The town is known for its artisanal products, including unique crafts, handmade jewelry, and traditional textiles. Visitors can explore local markets and boutiques to find one-of-a-kind souvenirs and gifts. In addition to artisanal goods, Capilla del Monte also offers a range of stores selling clothing, accessories, and home goods. Visitors can browse through trendy boutiques and shops to find the latest fashion trends or unique home décor items. The shopping experience in Capilla del Monte is enhanced by the charming atmosphere of the town, with its picturesque streets and friendly locals. Visitors can enjoy leisurely strolls through the town center,

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Argentina is a beautiful country located in South America, known for its vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, and stunning natural landscapes. Visitors can expect to be greeted by friendly and welcoming locals who are proud of their country and eager to share their traditions and customs. One of the most popular attractions in Argentina is the tango, a passionate dance that originated in Buenos Aires. Visitors can immerse themselves in the local culture by attending a tango show or taking dance lessons. Argentina is also famous for its delicious cuisine, which includes succulent meats, fresh seafood, and a variety of flavorful wines. Visitors can enjoy traditional dishes like empanadas, asado (grilled meat), and dulce de leche (caramelized milk). Nature lovers will be