Discover ancient treasures in Metsamor, Armenia.

Metsamor is a charming town located in the Armavir province of Armenia. Known for its rich history and cultural heritage, visitors can expect to find ancient ruins, beautiful landscapes, and friendly locals. One of the main attractions in Metsamor is the Metsamor archaeological site, which dates back to the Bronze Age and contains the remains of a fortress and temple complex. Visitors can explore the site and learn about the history of the region through guided tours and informational displays. In addition to its historical significance, Metsamor is also a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The surrounding countryside offers plenty of opportunities for hiking, biking, and horseback riding, allowing visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the area. Overall, visitors to Metsam

Places to see

1. Metsamor Archaeological Site: This ancient site dates back to the Bronze Age and is one of the oldest settlements in Armenia. Visitors can explore the well-preserved ruins of the citadel, temple, and other structures, offering a glimpse into the region's rich history. 2. Armavir Church: This beautiful medieval church is located in the town of Armavir and is a must-visit for history and architecture enthusiasts. The church features intricate carvings and frescoes, providing insight into Armenia's religious and cultural heritage. 3. Armavir Regional Museum: This museum showcases the history and culture of the Armavir region, including artifacts from the Bronze Age, medieval period, and Soviet era. Visitors can learn about

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Shopping possibilities

Metsamor in Armavir, Armenia offers a vibrant shopping experience with a variety of stores and markets to explore. Visitors can find a wide range of local products such as handmade crafts, traditional Armenian textiles, and delicious fresh produce. The shopping options in Metsamor are diverse and cater to all tastes and budgets, making it a great destination for those looking to indulge in some retail therapy. Additionally, the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the local shops adds to the overall shopping experience in this charming town.

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Discover the ancient capital of Armenia and its splendid architecture!

Armenia is a beautiful country located in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia. It is known for its rich history, stunning landscapes, delicious cuisine, and warm hospitality of its people. Visitors to Armenia can expect to be amazed by the country's ancient architecture, including medieval monasteries, churches, and fortresses. The country is also home to breathtaking natural wonders, such as Lake Sevan, the Geghard Monastery, and the stunning mountains of the Armenian Highlands. Armenia is also known for its delicious cuisine, which includes traditional dishes such as dolma, khorovats (barbecue), and lavash (flatbread). The country's wine industry is also growing and produces some excellent wines. One of the